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President Donald J. Trump impeached: What’s next?孝感利东聚科技有限公司

December 19, 2019

On Dec. 18, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump, making him the third president since the founding of the United States to face this sanction. HLS faculty weigh in how we got here and what to expect next.

Minow, Gordon-Reed probe what impeachment means and where it leads商丘如寿正有限公司

December 19, 2019

To gain a better understanding of the issues in play following the House impeachment of President Donald Trump, the Harvard Gazette asked faculty and affiliates in history, law, politics, government, psychology, and media to offer their thoughts.

Shedding light on fraudulent takedown notices涟源干本洪商贸有限公司

December 12, 2019

What happens if bad actors deliberately falsify and submit court documents requesting the removal of content? Research using the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society’s Lumen database shows the problem is larger than previously understood.

Martha Minow on the power of forgiveness攀枝花旺公吉商贸有限公司

December 12, 2019

The Harvard Gazette recently sat down with Martha Minow, the 300th Anniversary University Professor and former dean of Harvard Law School, to talk about her book new book, "When Should Law Forgive?," and why she thinks forgiveness could make the law more just.

On the Bookshelf: HLS Authors东莞耀全鼎商贸有限公司

December 11, 2019

This fall, the Harvard Law School Library hosted a series of book talks by Harvard Law School authors on topics ranging from forgiveness in law, transparency in health and fidelity in constitutional practice.



On the Optimal Number of Contract Types武汉光佳伟有限公司

Oren Bar-Gill & Clayton P. Gillette

Contracting on Litigation中甸圣顺富机械有限公司

Kathryn E. Spier & J.J. Prescott


A Political Economy of Utopia?应城满和盈设备有限公司

Yochai Benkler

Youth and Artificial Intelligence: Where We Stand扬州通捷晶科技有限公司

Urs Gasser (with Alexa Hasse, Sandra Cortesi & Andres Lombana)

A Declaration of the Mission of University in Barlowspace常州宏贵丰科技有限公司

Charles R. Nesson

John Perry Barlow’s Call For Persuasion Over Power梅河口台国兴商贸有限公司

Jonathan L. Zittrain


Oren Bar-Gill & Gabriella Blum

Comfort Women and the Professors内江福公吉科技有限公司

J. Mark Ramseyer

Sludge Audits巢湖厚福润设备有限公司

Cass R. Sunstein

‘They love me, but they don’t understand me’: Family support and stigmatisation of mental health service users in Gujarat, India襄樊谦大美机械有限公司

Michael Ashley Stein (with Faraaz Mahomed, Ajay Chauhan & Soumitra Pathare)

The Paradox of Power: The Changing Norms of the Modern Battlefield武汉万宏利贸易有限公司

Gabriella Blum

Making the Case for Religious Freedom in Secular Societies吉首汇汇生科技有限公司

Mary Ann Glendon

Review of Harold Hongju Koh, The Trump Administration and International Law西安多飞金科技有限公司

Jack Goldsmith

The Limits of International IAVBOBOios免费下载 Copyright Exceptions for Developing Countries缧河同满佳科技有限公司

Ruth L. Okediji

Misunderstood Food Date Labels and Reported Food Discards: A Survey of U.S. Consumer Attitudes and Behaviors开封升升欣商贸有限公司

Emily Broad Leib (with Roni A. Neff, Marie Spiker, Christina Rice, Alexandra Schklair & Sally Greenberg)

Climate Litigation Has at Least for Now Dodged a Possibly Fatal Blow冷水江春旺同服务有限公司

Richard Lazarus

Growing Outrage潮州利东聚商贸有限公司

Cass R. Sunstein
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